Planning To Move

  • Plan timetable for the move
  • Arrange for professional moving services
  • Create space plans for new house
  • Assist with major decorating decisions
  • Initiate stop/start notifications for utilities and other services
  • Send change-of-address notifications
  • Help with sorting and decision-making about personal belongings
  • Arrange appraisals for items to be given to family, sold or donated
  • Pack to move

Moving & Settling In

  • Final packing
  • Supervise moves at old and new homes
  • Arrange furniture
  • Unpack and remove boxes
  • Line shelves in cupboards and closets
  • Make beds
  • Put away clothing in closets and drawers
  • Organize kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Connect phones, lamps, TV, computer and stereo systems
  • Hang artwork, diplomas and photos
  • Install drapes and window treatments

Finishing Touches

  • “Stage” old home if it will be in the hands of a Realtor
  • Shop for new accessories, furniture or anything else needed to make the move-in complete
  • Stock refrigerator and wine rack
  • Create fresh uses for favorite belongings in new home
  • Find ways to display tucked-away treasures
  • Plan celebration to honor memories in the old home also for home blessing and welcome in new home
  • Arrange for permanent recording of memories and family stories