Driveway Storage Unit & the 31 Day Challenge

Studio before -2 Whenever I walk in my back door, this is what I see. Somewhere, underneath all of this stuff, are 3 studio work tables.  This once functional work space is 20′ x 20′, a spacious area for creativity.  Over the last year it has become a jumbled dumping ground thanks to a busy schedule of estate sales and several significant home improvement projects including replacing the flooring throughout the house and beginning a kitchen upgrade.  To recreate my dream studio, I need to find the walls and tables again.  To accomplish this I have a plan- Driveway Storage Unit & the 31 Day Challenge.  I have declined all jobs in July to focus on getting this space in shape.  The Driveway Storage Unit – appropriately called a Pack Rat Box – arrives tomorrow morning.  Each evening before I fall into bed, I’ll record the day’s discoveries, accomplishments, and decisions .  I expect this to be an entertaining yet soul searching process.  Feel free to follow my progress.  There might just be a Storage Unit Sale at the end of the month.

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