DSU -Day 1


Ralph delivered my Driveway Storage Unit this morning.  When I told him I was an artist, he told me that he, too, is an artist – his medium is ink on skin.  Meanwhile Alan was in the kitchen installing solar shades because when the trees were removed to save the retaining wall, temperatures were reaching 110 degrees in the windows.

Alan is also an artist, studying architecture and an incredibly creative problem solver .  He had spent a good part of the weekend organizing his workshop space.  Many of us have this problem of needing to spend time establishing order in our creative spaces before we can actually do our creating.  He wondered if there isn’t a better way than merely shifting stuff to different places within the space. And he has the very common concern that as soon as he lets some item go, he’ll need it and would have to go buy a replacement.  And like most of us, he can only think of one or two times this has actually happened.

I think, radical as it is to put everything out of the space and start fresh, there comes a time when this is a better way, perhaps the only way short of moving to get a handle on all of it.  As long as I keep moving the stuff around, finding new systems and snagging different, interesting shop furniture and fixtures, I am delaying the creative process.  Painters sometimes get blocked when they see a blank canvas; others of us get blocked when we are confronted with mounds of stuff, the jumble that we have assembled without curating the collection.

So, at the end of day 1, I’ve got the DSU in place, shelves assembled and starting to receive stuff from the studio, a path cleared and some of the first discoveries made. It turns out that I have 8 step stools & ladders ranging from a kitchen stool that needs its seat repaired to the ever handy 6 foot aluminum one which is too big to take out on jobs.  Three or maybe 4 will be plenty. Anybody need a two-step stool?

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