DSU Day 2

20130702_210716In the sewing corner I found a stash – 55 pairs of scissors.  I know there are more in the studio because these aren’t the ones I use when I teach little kid art.  I could dwell on the kinds, sizes and conditions of these guys but I won’t because for now, all I want to do is get everything out of the room. The time for sorting comes later. Some questions though:  how did I get so many pairs of scissors, why are they here and how many do I need?

Actually, I know how they got here – mom had a lot of them and when she moved to memory care, she couldn’t keep them because they can be ‘dangerous’ – in fact, if she hadn’t given herself a haircut, that she had scissors would have stayed a secret.

When we work on an estate sale, the whole crew uses scissors – we carry some with us (that’s another 6 pair not included in this count) and there are nearly always scissors in these homes.  We pick them up, use them and put them back in our tool chest so periodically, weed them out.  But, there is also the Scissors Project.  I started painting scissors to give as gifts last year, when I come across a sharp pair, I buy it.  What I cannot account for are the handful of very small scissors in the Eickmeyer collection.

I think we all have things that ‘stick’ to us – different things for different people.  The things that stick are almost always things a person uses regularly – could be pencils or matchbooks, tape measures or screw drivers.  These items are not collections – that is, not carefully chosen items found on a quest.  It looks like for me one of those things that stick are scissors.  One big category of clutter comes from Items that ‘Stick’ to us.

I found the work tables today, cleared paths to them but they are still piled high with stuff.

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