DSU Day 4

Midnight FirewowrksIndependence Day! neighborhood picnic, rain delayed, 11 inning baseball game and midnight fireworks.  In fact, some studio clearing did take place – pictures later today. Celebrating my independence from an overwhelming mound of stuff.

Found a fortune cookie message among random pieces of paper: “You have the ability to analyze and solve any problem.”  One of the problems now looming is what to do with the things that, no question, will leave the building, forever.  Creative Transitions has 4 large, outdoor garbage cans which had been collecting rain water in the driveway.  Now they’re beginning to collect cast off things.  I wish I hadn’t thrown away their lids, due to lack of storage space.  While this could be proof that nothing should ever be thrown out, the cookie reminds me that I have the ability to solve any problem.  Given the abundance of the Eickmeyer Collection, there’s surely something here to re-purpose.

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