DSU-Day 5

IMG_140520130705_202915Before and after – or maybe midpoint of this part of the studio.  Now that it’s cleared out, this is where a storage bench will go to corral all the leashes, coats and boots. It will have recently unearthed decorative hooks or knobs, probably drawers or cabinet space as part of the seating and a single shelf.  I have considered having the seating be a lid to storage but, it will become a drop zone so clearing the seat to access the storage is impractical.  This space will still have the washer/dryer, a place for detergent and all and somehow house the indoor recycling bins.

20130704_181404 Inside the Driveway Storage Unit.  There’s about this much more to pull out of the studio before some serious changes can be made. Haven’t sorted any of this stuff yet.  A fourth of these boxes contain fabric or sewing notions which I’ve been collecting for years.  I cannot resist handwork – quilt or crochet squares, embroidery or lace.

Find of the day: a box of beautiful pink dolomite rock pieces, collected by a neighbor, given to me several years ago for one of my projects.  I used a little of it then and realize that most things I will be doing in the future involve much flatter pieces of things, so I bagged it up and gave it back.  She will be able to use the rock in her extensive gardens. One small box of stuff finds a new home.

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