DSU Days 6 & 7

Tomorrow I’ll take things to sell to Replacements to help finance the changes I want to make in the studio so yesterday I packed them up – nothing really photogenic.  I like Replacements (www.replacements.com)   They have a fantastic operation that grew out of one man’s fascination with what people sell at yard sales and they are dog friendly – what’s not to like?  Well, okay so there is a significant difference between what sellers are paid and what those items may be resold for.  That’s the way it is in retail.  A retailer has the building overhead, staffing costs, marketing investment and the myriad of reporting required of any large operation.  I do not begrudge them their profit.

When I started this project I imagined that the finished studio would be a highly functional space with super organized tools and materials at my fingertips.  My fantasy included built-in cabinets that matched, slide-out drawers to contain materials – maybe an Ikea-esque kind of place.  At the end of the first week,  I recognize the fantasy for what it is – not simply unrealistic but so contrary to most of my values that I’m laughing as I write this.

I value reusing useful items.  I like the look of vintage pieces. I place a high value on things that have been hand-made no matter how quirky. I am not a tidy person – a lab-like studio would intimidate me and keep me cautious.  If i dared use it, I’d be spending time cleaning it at the expense of creating.

This does not mean that everything I’ve moved out gets invited back in.  I can hardly wait to have a clear enough path to get two of the big work tables out.  However. the 4 mismatched shelf units will come back in and fit under a counter that will have a skirt to hide the contents.  I’ve got lots of fabric – saris from India, African and Guatemalan fabrics, old quilt pieces  and loads of lace curtains and tablecloths.  I think I can find something to make a few curtains out of.

Finally, the most unexpected bonus so far to doing this purging process is that I’m going to be able to finish remodeling the kitchen using materials that I wouldn’t have been able to afford if I had to pay for someone else to do all of the work.  I will have the space to do the finishing myself with some help from friends.  I discovered this gift the second day of the challenge. Some day I’ll rant about the poor experience I had at a big box store trying to buy counter tops.  I was ready to place the order and got so frustrated that I walked away.  They did me a favor because now I’ll get to have what I really wanted thanks to clearing the studio.


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