Estate Sales FAQ

How long does it take for you to prepare a sale?
It takes at least three weeks and sometimes more for the crew to organize a Creative Transitions Sale

Why does it take so long?
We categorize, photograph and price nearly every item sold.  Often we need to research items that are one-of-a-kind or may have especially a high value.  Sometimes we secure the advice of outside experts to help us decide how best to market unusual items.

Where do sales take place?
We hold sales at the property unless there is an economical way to manage the sale some other place.

How long do the sales run?
Most of our sales are two days – usually Friday & Saturday from 8 -2

What happens to items that do not sell?
This depends on family preference. Usually, we donate unsold items to the non-profit organization of the family’s choice.  We can also recommend local organizations.

How do you promote a sale?
We send an electronic flier with a photo gallery to our extensive email list
Post sales on this website (under Current Sales)
Post the sale notice on our Facebook page and other internet sites
Advertise in local newspapers
A day or two before the sale we place professional directional signs to attract drive-by traffic
Some clients have additional ways of getting the word out (to clubs, professional organizations, etc.)

How can I get on your mailing list?
Click here and fill out the form

What does it cost for Creative Transitions to run my sale?
Creative Transitions receives a percentage of the proceeds for organizing and running your estate sale.

I want to talk to you about running my sale, what do I do?
Click here to send an inquiry, be sure to include your phone number. We will make an appointment to meet you at the site of the sale and discuss the possibilities in person.